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SCUBA Repair

Pool Bright Pool Service is your go to company for underwater pool repair services. Experienced, certified SCUBA divers can tackle any number of issues that can arise below the waterline. SCUBA-based repairs offers several advantages, including:

  • Negate the environmental impacts of draining your pool,
  • Avoid the cost of re-filling your pool, and
  • Protect precious swimming days.
Bottom Drains

How safe is the drain at the bottom of your pool? Older pools may have original drain covers. These drains can enable vortexes to form at the bottom of your pool. These vortexes represent such a real danger to the health and safety of your swimmers that the State of California has mandated anti-vortex drain covers for all pools. Our dive services can allow you to improve the safety of your pool in just one day by replacing a broken or outdated drain cover with the safer anti-vortex covers.

Bottom Jets

Upscale pools often have bottom jet returns that do more than simply return water to the pool. These jets help keep your pool clean by using aimed jets of water to move debris along the bottom towards a leaf catcher or skimmer basket. These pop-up jets can become misaligned, jammed closed or stuck open. With diver repairs, we can repair a drain or replace one as the need arises.

Stain Servicing

Sometimes organic or metal debris can cause your pool to discolor. These unsightly stains can be difficult to remove from the surface, however, a diver cleaning can return your pool’s luster.

Cracks and Leaks

Allow a certified diver to patch and repair cracks and chips in the plaster of your pool or the vinyl of your liner

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