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Pool Bright Pool Service does more than servicing, maintaining, and repair pools. We are a trusted resource to home buyers, sellers, and realtors alike. By using an experienced, independent, licensed, and insured pool inspect, we bring clarity to any real estate transaction.

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It’s easy to fall in love with a house when you see a beautifully sparkling pool by day or a fantastically illuminated pool at night. However, knowing how healthy a pool is before you buy it can help avoid unexpected costs and headaches.

A comprehensive pool inspection by Pool Bright Pool Specialists will ensure that your dream pool remains a source of easy-going pride not just at a housewarming party, but for years to come. Our bottom-up approach will look at the surface in and around your pool, the functioning of equipment and safety features, the efficiency of the hardware and heaters, as well as the overall chemical health of the water.

Before you take your house to market, an inspection from Pool Bright Pool Services will give you an opportunity to catch any issues that could disrupt a smooth escrow. Allow your pool to serve a as showstopping center piece at your next open house.

Pool Bright can perform our comprehensive inspection for you, as well as offer one-time cleanings, pressure washing services, and safety upgrades to make sure that sellers of any age find your house and pool irresistible.

Consider Pool Bright Pool Service to be your most trusted partner to buy and sell homes. With our customizable services, we have a suite of options to help any home show its best. And with special realtor-only packages, we are happy to customize any service to suit your needs.

Our realtor-support packages give you access to our inventory of cutting-edge pool cleaning robots to keep the bottom clean and the top skimmed.